Kharma is a bitch…

So, am I REALLY supposed to feel bad for Tom Brady and the Patriots?  The poor guy tore his ACL and MCL in Sunday’s opener.  Its a damn shame!  I hope Matt Cassel has been keeping up with the opposing team’s sideline films.  All that time spent cheating, and this is what the Patriots get?  It just doesn’t seem fair!  Hey Belichick, please keep us in suspense with your injury report this week.

Does this mean that Brady has to spend more time with his bastard children, or supermodel girlfriend?

A JetBlue player

A JetBlue playa

Poor fucking guy, its almost as big a travesty as Diddy having to fly commercial.

Now I’m not one for kicking someone while they are down.  In fact, I am usually the one that gets kicked while down (or at least hit with belts while down).



Brady is the poster-child for the evil empire.  He wears makeup and fedoras to his post game conferences.  He dresses like a gay cowboy in magazines.  He always has his sideways crooked smirk.

Do I sound bitter?  Well fuck you… I am a Bills fan (perhaps the new team to beat in the AFC East? …yeah Bill Cower).  I am sick of being in the Patriots division, and getting their leftovers (I’m looking at you Bledsoe and Lawyer).

Injuries happen every week in the NFL.  I am WAY more inclined to feel bad for your average run of the mill NFL player who is constantly fighting for playing time, than the evil empire’s poster-child with a supermodel waiting for him at home and millions in endorsements from Gay Cowboy Weekly.  Lets hope this brings the whole empire crumbling down, and the Buffalo Bills rise from the ashes.

Go Bills!!!

Go Bills!!!


One Response to Kharma is a bitch…

  1. Lab Boy says:

    Spending time with bastard kids and supermodel girlfriend? righhhht….He’s gonna make it rain in every strip club in Boston during his time off!

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